Friday, June 15, 2007

Correction regarding "Paranoia?"

I see that I've erred in stating that it was Greg Goodknight rather than the more carefully "shielded" 'Haim Pipik' who accused me yesterday of paranoia. My apologies both to Greg for mistakenly accusing him of both calling me that and for playing at amateur psychologist in this regard. In fact, Greg accused me of "projection" yesterday, in his actual failed attempt to be a, as he put it, "shrink"; and of course I apologize deeply to "Haim Pipik" as well, for not properly giving him credit for this particular bit of idiocy.

It's tragic that when being attacked by two such mental giants as was the case for me yesterday that I relied on my short-term memory rather than simply checking back through the flood of hate e-mails I got from these two charming individuals.

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